Experience the Excellence

Tried other screening companies? Been unhappy with the service? Not responsive to your needs? Do you feel like just a number?

Five Diamond Screening is not your typical background screening company. Our focus is white glove service for every client – large or small – all day, every day. For you this means faster turnaround times, cost effective screenings and of course, impeccable service for you and your applicants.

Save time and money.

You’re busy. We get it. Whether you’re in human resources or are a hiring manager, you worry about rising labor costs, employee retention, training, and so much more.

Your background checks and screenings need to be comprehensive, yet tailored to your needs.

How can you be thorough, quick and also save money?

Don't get burned.

You need to keep your guests and customers safe. You want to mitigate risk, prevent loss and stay in compliance.

Do you know what kind of person your applicant is? Do they pose any risk? How do you make the right staffing choices that protect your reputation?

Applicant today. Employee tomorrow.

The employee background screening process should be a positive experience, not a stressful one. Get your applicants onboarded painlessly with our Applicant Advocates™.

Applicants who have a good candidate experience are ready to go on day 1 with a positive attitude towards your company and your guests.

Experience the Five Diamond difference.