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Identity Check.

Seen as the core of all verifications, ID checks can make you trust other discoveries like work history, education, references, court checks, CV reviews, and more.

The Identity search is conducted to verify that the Government Sourced Identity number and Validate:

  • Establish a Valid Identity
  • Establish the person's physical identification is aligned to the Govt. Sourced ID
  • Establish the authenticity of the identity

Address Check.

Validate the candidate's address and ensure you avoid hiring individuals with inaccurate location details Address Verification assists you in confirming the authenticity and accuracy of the residential details provided by your applicant.

This service can assist you in:

  • Saving time by making informed hiring choices based on accurate information
  • Adhering to legal requirements
  • Lowering the risk of hiring someone with mistaken identity


You want to know your candidate's background well. The main part of all background checks is a complete criminal records check. We look for crimes and misdemeanours at the district, state, and national levels (as allowed by law). Also, we have our own special algorithm to find hidden criminal records. This way, you can decide wisely when hiring and build a reliable team.

National court database check through District Court, High Court, Supreme Court and Proprietary databases, and in-person physical court record search conducted by authorized attorneys where court records are not digitized or readily available online.

Make the workplace safer for everyone, including co-workers and customers:

  • Keep your organization's good name safe
  • Avoid losses
  • Follow the rules set by central, state, and local laws

Education Verification.

Make well-informed hiring choices by verifying your candidate's educational qualifications, degrees, professional licenses, certifications, and other relevant details. Confirming authentic qualifications is vital for making informed choices when hiring.

Therefore, education verifications offer the following benefits:

  • Detect fake education credentials
  • Identify any inconsistencies, warning signs, or breaches of information
  • Conserve resources and safeguard your organization from potential liability claims

Employment Verifications.

In most situations, it's a test of honesty. Checking a candidate's work history confirms they have the right background you're looking for.Hire with confidence by verifying your candidate’s employment history, designation, duration, and more.

  • Quickly make sure your candidate's details are accurate
  • Verify if your candidate has the needed skills, background, or the required experience
  • Employ qualified candidates

Reference Check.

Through reference checks, you can connect with the references provided by the applicant to gain personal insights. This practice can help you save time and money while enhancing your hiring choices.

A Personal reference is a reference from an individual who can attest to Applicant’s skills, qualifications, abilities etc.

  • Learn about their reputation and reliability
  • Determine if they truly align with your organization's values and needs
  • Gain a deeper understanding of their skills, performance, and capabilities

International Searches.

Did your candidate have a history abroad? We offer extensive background information checks in almost every country globally. Opting for an international search for your job applicant can assist you in confirming their details, guaranteeing that the required skills and experience are accurate.

Business Due Diligence Searches.

Are you truly familiar with your vendors? Thorough business due diligence reveals potential conflicts of interest, financial stability, and past legal disputes. Cultivate robust business connections with dependable vendors and partners through diligent searches.

Drug Testing.

Drug testing assists employers in determining whether a candidate has used drugs or any substances to enhance their performance.

  • Prevent the expenses associated with hiring individuals with drug-related issues
  • Detect early signs of drug use among employees
  • Ensure a safe and healthy workplace environment, free from harmful influences

Database Check.

Find out if your candidate has any connection to major or organized criminal activities. InteleScreen searches available databases’ to guarantee a safe and secure hiring process.

Database Verification uncovers important details about involvement in criminal activities, whether on a global or a domestic level.

  • Employing trustworthy individuals with a clean track record
  • Establishing a safe and secure work environment
  • Adhering to governmental rules and regulations

Credit Checks.

Dealing with Finances and Money? Obtain a thorough credit score for your candidate to determine if they have engaged in financial fraud, defaulted on payments, or delayed payments.

Employees who have a history of poor financial management can directly influence your brand's image and standing.

  • Helps chose the right staff responsible for your company's finances
  • A must for employees in the banking and fintech industries
  • Helps chose Hiring for high-level executive and financial positions

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