Privacy Policy

InteleScreen: Refers to Five Diamond Screening India Private Limited (FDSI), a company established under the legal framework of the Republic of India.

Information: Refers to diverse forms of personal and/or sensitive data about individuals or entities, collected as necessary for a particular purpose. This data may include:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Educational qualifications
  • Past employment references
  • ‘Sensitive Personal Data or Information,’ as defined under Rule 3 of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011.

API: Application Programming Interface, as commonly understood in the information technology industry.

Grievance Officer: An InteleScreen representative responsible for addressing discrepancies and grievances of individuals or entities who provide information to InteleScreen. Contact details are provided in section 10 of this policy.

Policy: Referring to the Privacy Policy, along with any subsequent modifications, amendments, or updates thereof.

Purpose: The objective of this policy is to outline the activities conducted by InteleScreen in the realm of background verification and related services, performed on behalf of its clients and customers. These activities serve the purpose of evaluating an individual’s suitability for employment, validating personal details for matrimonial, educational, tenancy, award nomination, and associated intentions.



Policy Statement: InteleScreen provides an array of background verification and associated services to its clients through various approaches, which are as follows:

  • Via its online service accessible at
  • By collecting physical documents directly from individuals
  • Through APIs or other technological or software systems/methods that gather or receive data from clients’ servers in accordance with mutual agreements
  • Via physical verification of addresses and other locations
  • Through interaction and correspondence with educational institutions, universities, and corporate entities

These services are extended to clients and customers in alignment with the stated Purpose. InteleScreen carries out these tasks based on the requests of interested employers, educational establishments, landlords, award nomination committees, or individuals (potential candidates) themselves.

In certain instances, you might have been directed to provide specific Information for the Purpose to InteleScreen using any of the aforementioned methods, either directly or on behalf of an InteleScreen client. It’s important to note that your use of this website and your submission of Information to InteleScreen, whether via this website or other means, are carried out at the direction and request of such a client. InteleScreen relinquishes any responsibility beyond the scope expressly accepted here or outlined in InteleScreen’s Terms of Use. It’s advisable to thoroughly read this Policy to understand how InteleScreen collects, stores, processes, and uses Information from you for the intended Purpose.

The entity or individual guiding you to visit this website or provide Information to InteleScreen might have acquired your authorization to share your Information with InteleScreen. Conversely, InteleScreen may request your consent to collect and use your Information, specifying the intended Purpose for which it’s required. If you (i) have not received or granted such authorization from InteleScreen or any other associated entity or individual, (ii) do not agree to InteleScreen’s utilization of your Information, or (iii) do not consent to sharing your Information with third parties as outlined in Section 4 of this Policy, please take the following actions:

Refrain from sharing Information with InteleScreen or its agents using any means.

Cease further activity on this website or abstain from providing additional Information through this website.

Close the tab or browser window displaying this website.

Get in touch with the entity or individual responsible for directing you to this website or for your interaction with InteleScreen.

By continuing to use this website and/or submitting Information to InteleScreen through this website or other means, you are deemed to have executed such authorization, and the subsequent provisions of this Policy are established based on this assumption.

InteleScreen is committed to safeguarding the privacy and voluntarily provided Information that enables InteleScreen to fulfil the Purpose on behalf of its clients. This Policy outlines the kind and nature of Information collected by InteleScreen, the Purpose of collection and usage, the disclosure of such Information, and InteleScreen’s security practices and procedures pertaining to this.

This Policy has been drafted in accordance with the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000, and the corresponding Rules, including the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011.


Storage Duration: InteleScreen retains Information for the necessary period to achieve the Purpose, varying based on the specific Purpose associated with that Information. When providing Information to InteleScreen, you agree to its storage for the duration essential to fulfil the Purpose. Additionally, InteleScreen might store Information beyond the Purpose’s required duration if mandated by applicable laws.

While providing Information to InteleScreen, exercise your discretion and refrain from doing so unless you consent to its legitimate business use, transfer, and storage in InteleScreen’s databases. If you have queries about the necessity or appropriateness of providing Information to InteleScreen, please reach out to the Grievance Officer at the contact details provided in Section 10 of this Policy.


Usage and Acknowledgment : You have the option to access this website for initial browsing without engaging in InteleScreen’s services. In case you do utilize this website in relation to InteleScreen’s services or for any Purpose, your access signifies your agreement, understanding, and acknowledgment of this Privacy Policy on every visit.

Nature, Type of Information, Purpose, and Storage Duration

InteleScreen collects information about you for a defined Purpose if you willingly provide it, having read, comprehended, and consented to the terms specified in the aforementioned authorization. InteleScreen solely acquires necessary information required to fulfil services requested by its clients, which align with the Purpose. In case any additional information beyond the scope of the authorization is needed, you will be informed, and you should only provide such extra information if you explicitly consent. InteleScreen will not obtain such data from other sources without proper authorization, such as accessing clients’ servers or databases.

Particularly, you might be asked to furnish specific Information if: (i) you choose to proceed with using this website or (ii) you decide to share information with InteleScreen through other means, pertaining to the Purpose described for that particular information type. Additionally, InteleScreen may receive information about you from its clients through various means, including its website, physical or scanned documents, and APIs or similar methods, contingent upon client-provided consent or authorization from you.

InteleScreen doesn’t gather information without prior notice and your consent. Your information might be verified by InteleScreen directly or through its associates. By consenting to share Information with InteleScreen for the Purpose, you also consent to the sharing of your Information with third parties for the designated Purpose, as explained below.

InteleScreen might disclose Information in scenarios like (i) business sale, assignment, or transfer, (ii) responding to government or law enforcement agency requests, or (iii) complying with legal mandates, court orders, or regulations, with prior notice to the extent legally permissible. InteleScreen doesn’t sell or transfer Information to third parties for direct marketing use. For more details on how InteleScreen may share your Information, kindly refer to Section 4 of this Policy.


Disclosure and Sharing of Information :  In order to facilitate the provision of services aligned with the Purpose, the Information you provide may be shared by InteleScreen. This sharing can occur with InteleScreen’s employees, officers, agents, directors, corporate entities, affiliates, and third-party service providers (both within and outside India). These parties may be working on behalf of InteleScreen to fulfil the Purpose, and with other agencies involved in data collection or response acquisition for the Purpose (both within and outside India). This sharing is executed on a ‘need-to-know’ basis to verify Information’s authenticity and undertake verification, subsequently generating a report that serves the Purpose.


Exceptions and Disclosure of Information : InteleScreen retains the right to disclose Information in cases where legal obligations arise or professional advisors, such as legal counsel, advise that such disclosure is necessary to respond to court orders, legal processes, third-party rights owners, law enforcement agencies, or government entities mandated by law to access such Information. It is important to note that InteleScreen will endeavour to provide advance notification of such disclosures to the extent permitted under applicable law.


User Responsibility and Security Practices: As a user of this website, you acknowledge and assume responsibility for your usage of the website, your actions both online and offline, and the content you post or access. In scenarios of amalgamation, merger, acquisition, or business transfer, InteleScreen will transfer all your Information to the acquiring entity.


Security Measures: InteleScreen offers you the ability to amend or rectify your Information to ensure its accuracy and currency. To do so, contact InteleScreen’s Grievance Officer as detailed in Section 10 of this Policy. InteleScreen commits to making reasonable efforts to comply with your requests, provided they align with applicable law and professional standards. Furthermore, if you wish for your Information to be entirely deleted, reach out to InteleScreen’s Grievance Officer, and your Information will be purged from their records.


Cookies: To enhance your browsing experience, InteleScreen employs cookies – small files placed on your computer’s hard drive through your Internet browser. Cookies aid in remembering user credentials, and preferences, and tracking click behavior. While you can set your browser to decline cookies, this might impact the performance and your experience on the website.


External Link: It’s important to note that InteleScreen’s websites might feature links to external sites, each governed by their own privacy policies. Prior to sharing any personal information, we recommend reviewing the privacy policy of each linked website.


Policy Changes: InteleScreen retains the discretion to modify this Policy periodically. The date of revision is noted at the top of the Policy. It’s advisable to review the Policy occasionally to stay informed about the privacy safeguards provided by InteleScreen for your Information.


Contacting the Grievance Officer: For any complaints or concerns regarding how InteleScreen handles your Information, you can reach out to the Grievance Officer. Details for contacting the Grievance Officer are provided in Section 10 of this Policy. InteleScreen is committed to addressing grievances swiftly and effectively.


Details of InteleScreen’s Grievance Officer:

  • Name: Syed Khurram (Customers); Mudasir Pasha (Employees)
  • Office Address: Five Diamond Screening India Pvt Ltd, Beehive InfoSolutions, Krishna Temple Road, Indiranagar Stage 1, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
  • Email Address: (Subject Line: Grievance)
  • Phone Number: +91 81970131230