Financial Services & Banking

We recognize the demands of the financial services sector and the importance of safeguarding confidential information. InteleScreen’s all-encompassing screening solutions assist you in making well-informed hiring choices.

Employer’s place significant trust in data-driven hiring methods. Hence, conducting comprehensive background checks within the Financial Services Industry is crucial.

  • Enhance security measures and ensure compliance
  • Verify the credibility and responsibility of candidates
  • Act as a preventive measure against potential financial fraud
  • Safeguard sensitive information, intellectual property, and customer data


InteleScreen’s background screening solutions are designed to assist in minimizing risks and minimizing unfavourable occurrences. Recognizing the urgency of swift hiring, we prioritize speed, precision, cost-efficiency, and adherence to regulations. Our advanced technology empowers you with quicker, informed, and compliant hiring decisions, safeguarding your reputation through sound hiring choices.

We possess a profound understanding of the intricacies within the hospitality and leisure sectors, along with the associated hiring complexities. Whether it's hotels, convention centres, restaurants, nightclubs, transportation services, or private clubs, we stand as your trusted partner for background screening in hospitality and leisure.

Our ultimate aim is to support your daily progress and expansion. By alleviating hiring stress, we enable you to refocus on your business with renewed energy.

Gig Economy and e-Commerce

In the realm of Marketplace, e Commerce and Gig Economy, InteleScreen brings the experience to delivereffective screening solutions. We offer tailored screening and monitoring solutions crafted to align with the specific requirements of your organization. This dynamic sector has significantly transformed how people interact with goods, facilitating online viewing, selling, and purchasing. Given its close interaction with the public, a comprehensive screening process becomes imperative for high-volume hiring.

Recruiting well-qualified candidates who align with the desired standards. Upholding trust to protect brand reputation. Rigorous screening of third-party vendors ensuring a dependable workforce.


With the intensifying competition to attract the best talent in this industry, ensure that background verifications don't hinder your hiring process. InteleScreen assists you in efficiently evaluating suitable candidates within a fiercely competitive talent pool. Those working in technology roles often possess special access to Company Intellectual Property (IP) and sensitive data such as financial details and personal information. Thus, establishing trust and safety is vital. InteleScreen comprehends the distinctive hiring difficulties confronted in your field – ranging from the urgency to swiftly fill openings to the necessity of identifying proficient candidates with specific skills and certifications. Our efficient and prompt screening solutions aid in recognizing individuals who can be entrusted with your most confidential data.

Our real-time outcomes ensure rapid, accurate, and confident hiring. Intelescreen screening offerings, tailored for engineers, developers, IT analysts, network administrators, and help desk support staff, guarantee the selection of the right candidate. Our inventive screening tools and solutions are the outcome of close collaboration with our clients.


When there's a significant demand for staffing large volumes of candidates, the process of sourcing and recruiting can be challenging. Utilizing background checks enables staffing agencies to enhance your time-to-hire duration while also guarding against recruitment errors. Our swift and effective screening solutions are capable of assisting you in fulfilling client expectations.

In the process of reviewing and selecting candidates, the capability to promptly pinpoint suitable individuals within the allocated time and budget holds great significance. Employing InteleScreen’s all-inclusive background checks can assist your firm in ensuring that reliable, skilled, and trustworthy candidates are provided to your clients. Our acclaimed screening solutions provide rapid, effective, and cost-efficient background, drug, and other screening services to prevent recruitment oversights.

We offer instantaneous outcomes to facilitate swift, precise, and confident hiring. Our user-friendly reports aid in swiftly identifying potential candidate concerns. Through our web-based applicant portal and mobile functionalities, candidates can conveniently respond.

Transport and Delivery

Are you aware of the individuals behind the wheel of your vehicles? Adhering to stringent regulations, legal consequences, and safety benchmarks is essential for the seamless operation of your business. What practices yield the best results, and what criteria must be met?

With InteleScreen, you can rest assured that you remain in line with regulatory bodies, safeguarding your brand image, enhancing the caliber of your fresh recruits, bolstering safety, and curbing employee turnover. We thoroughly assess your applicants' motor vehicle records, work backgrounds, criminal histories, and commercial driver license statuses to counteract adverse hiring-related risks. Acquire all the necessary information to make well-informed hiring choices swiftly, affordably, and effectively.

Our streamlined solutions expedite your hiring process. InteleScreen extends solutions and packages to assist you in overseeing your organization's safety, compliance, and risk control. We provide a mobile-friendly, candidate-centric experience, catering to an on-the-go workforce.

Manufacturing and Retail

With a restricted pool of suitable candidates, it's crucial to act swiftly to attract the best talent. However, these hiring choices must be based on sound information. A poor hiring decision can escalate liability, diminish productivity, or lead to accidents and setbacks. Considering safety concerns, regulations, and substantial turnover, the industry faces a range of distinct challenges. Our prompt, effective, and budget-friendly screening solutions are designed to assist you in recognizing potential worker risks and ensuring the safety of your workplace.

Our user-friendly reports empower you to promptly spot potential candidate concerns. Our swift and effective solutions aid you in making the optimal selection. InteleScreen’s offerings enable you to implement uniform screening criteria across various locations within your organization.


InteleScreen specialized healthcare and life sciences screening solutions provide the personal touch you desire. Our applicant portal enhances both recruiter and applicant contentment, streamlining background checks for organizations. Leveraging our expertise in integrating screening solutions, we offer unparalleled efficiency that supports your organization in the competitive talent landscape.

Our comprehensive background screening solutions contribute to upholding regulatory compliance. InteleScreen budget-friendly screening solutions are tailored to match your organization's requirements. We extend screening solutions for all positions within the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

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